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Flowers Mini Art Journal

Hi everyone! I'm here to show you a mini art book I made last month! I already posted some pictures and a video on my social media but I realized that I forgot to post it here on my blog. Better late than never, right! So here it is! During the summer, I started to carve my own stamps. I was in a mood for carving some flowers. I wanted to do that for a while. Finally, I had some time to play and let my creativity flow go.I'm always amazed how sometimes spontaneity can be my best friend. I had no plans. I just started to play with the stamps I carved and some watercolors.  I have no idea that it could have led to this when I started.I worked on a 9x12 piece of 90 lbs watercolor paper cut in 3 strips (4x12). Then I folded the strips equally in the length. Finally I assembled them with strong tape to get an accordion book. I usually used 140lbs watercolor paper. As I just wanted to stamp them with watercolors and see what I could get, in that case I usually like using lightweight …

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